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Here at County Packaging Services Ltd, we supply a extensive range of strapping hand tools for polyester, polypropylene, steel & corded strapping for bundles, pallets, boxes & similar loads.

Our hand tools range from simple basic tensioners to more complex and advanced battery or air powered tools. There is one thing that you can always be certain of with County Packaging Services Ltd and it’s that every one of the tools that we sell will represent the finest value for money, as well as the highest level of safety & dependability because they are manufactured by  the worlds finest strapping tool specialists.


Standard Tensioner for use with strapping up to 19mm wide.


Standard Sealer for use with 12mm wide polypropylene strapping and 25 or 32mm long semi-open smooth faced metal seals.

RSK12 Combination Tool.

For use with 12mm wide polypropylene and polyester strapping and semi-open serrated metal seals.

Continuous tensioning system provides very high strap tension and sealing mechanism gives high

Seal joint.

BXT-2Friction-Weld Tool

BXT2 The most advanced tool on the market. Can be set for 12 or 16mm wide polypropylene and polyester strapping and automatically adjusts to strap thickness. As three operating modes, manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. In automatic mode a single push button operates the strap tension, sealing of the strap and cuts the strap. Uses the new Ion battery with a charge time of 20 minutes. Complete with battery and charger.

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