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At County Packaging Services Ltd, we provide a fully comprehensive range of packaging machines, and we have developed a solid reputation for offering durability, reliability and consistent performance twinned with very low maintenance costs, making ours the most cost-effective strapping machines around today. Our strapping machines are, innovative and reliable, yet rugged and simple; offering you the utmost value for money.

Strapping Machines | Pallet Wrapping | Carton Erection & Taping Machines

Strapping machines

  • DBA 10 Semi-automatic strapping machine
  • DBA 100 Semi-automatic strapping machine
  • DBA 200 automatic strapping machine
  • DBA 1300A Pallet Strapping Machines

We also supply both automatic and semi automatic pallet-wrapping machines, to suit anyone’s pallet wrapping requirements. Our MOD200 Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machines are a prime example of our quality work. Turntable pallet wrapping machines are extremely cost-effective. The 10rpm rotations coupled with the vertical movement of the film can have you wrapping anything up to 15 pallets an hour.

The alternative is the radial arm version. The pallet remains completely stationary and the wrapping arm circles around it. 40rpm speeds can have you reaching an output of 90 pallets per hour.

Pallet Wrapping Packaging Machines Available Include:

● Mod 200 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
● TRM 500 Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
● TRM 500L Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
● ARM 3500 Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine
● ARM 4500 Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Carton Erection & Taping Packaging Machines

County Packaging Services Ltd, supply a range of Carton Taping and Carton Erecting machines, of which, here we have a selection.

Both types of machine are available in either powder coated mild steel, or stainless steel, making them suitable for most environments.

Our machines are designed to make them reliable, efficient and simple in operation. They conform to all current safety and machinery directives.

If you need something like this, but do not see your exact requirements, please call us, we probably have it in the range.

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