Metal Seals & Buckles

County Packaging Services Ltd. supply you with any type of metal seal, buckle, or edge protection to suit any strapping that you may require.


Heavy-duty semi-open smooth-faced metal seal 32mm long for use with 12mm wide polypropylene strapping. Boxed in 2,000.


Standard semi-open smooth-faced metal seal 25mm long for use with 12m wide polypropylene strapping. Boxed in 2,000.


Semi-open serrated metal seal for use with 12mm wide polypropylene and polyester strapping. Boxed in 1,000.

Plastic buckleSPB12

Plastic buckles for use with 12mm wide strapping suitable for lightweight applications. Can be tensioned by hand or  tensioner.

Metal bucklecPWMB12

Metal buckles for use with polypropylene, polyester, corded and woven polyester strapping.

12, 16, 19,25, and 32mm sizes available. Supplied in Bright Zinc or Phosphated coating.

Edge ProtectorSPC Plastic Edge Protectors

Corner pieces placed under the strap protects your products when the strap is tensioned.

Supplied in sizes small, medium and large.

Alternate Packaging Seals

If there are restrictions concerning the usage of metal closures, fear not. Plastic buckles are also available. When it comes to protecting your packaged goods, we supply a complete range of plastic & cardboard edge protection.

We stock the most common seals, buckles & edge protection available on the market today. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us to confirm if you are using the correct seal for your packaging application. You may find that an alternative strap could be used which could actually save you money.

Contact us today to find out if you’re using the right buckles or seals and find out about our range.

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